Meet The Team

Kelly Timm

Owner + ND Optical Dispenser

Michael Scott


Fagmiedah Hansen

Practice Manager

Our comprehensive eye test takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes to complete, and includes the following assessments:

  • detailed history, including general health, medications, occupation, leisure activities and family history.
  • autorefraction - automated, computerised calculation of the distance prescription while observing the Farmhouse or hot air balloon image inside the autorefractor.
  • visual acuity tests which measure the sharpness of your vision at distance and near
  • retinoscopy, which uses the way light reflects from the eye to determine the approximate spectacle prescription
  • subjective refraction using the phoropter which is placed in front of the eyes. You are asked to compare various lenses to fine-tune the prescription
  • binocular balancing, which is performed in the trial frame, to ensure that the eyes are coordinating together correctly
  • ocular motility tests are performed to assess the eye movements and tracking
  • cover test is used to check the alignment of the eyes and to detect any strabismus (squints)
  • ophthalmoscopy is used to assess the health of the inside of the eyes. We check all the parts from the cornea in the front of the eye through to the retina at the back of the eye
  • tonometry is used to measure the pressure inside your eyes and is often called the puff test. It is a quick and completely painless test.
  • colour vision tests can detect any deficiencies in colour vision and perception by the ability to see numbers against various colour combinations. This is useful both occupationally and detect possible eye health problems.